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Dar vaghe, badane-ye algorithm tavassote cpu ejraa mishe, va az fpga be onvane components accelerator estefade mishe baraye kar haaye mesle mohasebate matris ee va … een ye project e khoob khahad bood.

سلام من به زودی یک سری ویدیوی آموزشی مخصوص میکروبلیز درست می کنم با

purpose J = predictionError(X, y, theta) %COMPUTECOST Compute Charge for linear regression % J = COMPUTECOST(X, y, theta) computes the expense of utilizing theta given that the % parameter for linear regression to fit the data factors in X and y % Initialize some helpful values m = size(y); % number of training examples %theta = zeros(two, one); % initialize fitting parameters % You'll want to return the following variables accurately % ====================== YOUR CODE Below ====================== % Directions: Compute the expense of a particular choice of theta % You must set J to the associated fee.

T P R = T P P = T P T P + F N displaystyle mathrm TPR = frac mathrm TP P = frac mathrm TP mathrm TP +mathrm FN

In its First implementation, the information dictionary interface is provided by the Simulink Model Explorer. The GUI interface is clean, intuitive, and simple to operate. This interface supports importing and exporting dictionaries to m data files and mat documents.

A C C = T P + T N P + N = T P + T N T P + T N + File P + F N displaystyle mathrm ACC = frac mathrm TP +mathrm TN P+N = frac mathrm TP +mathrm TN mathrm TP +mathrm TN +mathrm FP +mathrm FN

Our responses for MATLAB process/homework are composed remembering the arrangement of modules contained in control educational workouts for MATLAB and simulink.

Because TPR is comparable to sensitivity and FPR is equivalent to 1 − specificity, the ROC graph is sometimes known as the sensitivity vs (one − specificity) plot. Each prediction consequence or occasion of a confusion matrix represents one level within the ROC Place.

Simulink Layout Optimization likewise assists people raise layout precision. It lets them preprocess examination facts, promptly approximate style standards for instance friction and aerodynamic coefficients, and validate the estimate results. To reinforce procedure effectiveness attributes which include motion Strength, bandwidth and time consumption, consumers can collectively improve physical plant specifications and algorithmic or controller gains.

mishe lotfan chand porojeye ghabel e ejra ye pardazeshe sign (tarjihan pezeshki, ya tasvir o sot) dar maghtae karshenasi ba FPGA moarrefi konid? hazine ye piyadesazi baram mohem hast. va inke az che seri FPGA estefade konam?

مریم جان من گفتم شاید بتونم کمکت کنم.به نظر میرسه احتمالا استاد کار داشته باشن و سرشون شلوغ باشه.

Plots on the four results higher than inside the ROC Area are specified during the determine. The result of system A clearly reveals the very best predictive energy among A, B, and C. The result of B lies to the random guess line (the diagonal line), and it might be viewed during the table that the precision of B is 50%. Having said that, when C is mirrored over the Centre position (0.five,0.five), the resulting method C′ is better yet than A. This mirrored system only reverses the resource predictions of whatsoever technique or test produced the C contingency desk. Even though the authentic C method has unfavorable predictive electric power, basically reversing its decisions results in a different predictive technique C′ which has beneficial predictive energy.

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میخوام بدونم چطور و در چه محیطی باید این کدها رو زد و استفاده کرد؟

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